Sharing the Journey: My Talk on Scaling to Exit at the Tech Tribe Meetup

Joe Burns Speaking to MSPs at Tech Tribe Meetup
MSP Blueprint founder, Joe Burns recently presented to a group of 15 MSPs at the local Tech Tribe meetup at Halo Service Solutions in Stowmarket.

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In the world of Managed Service Providers (MSPs), the journey from inception to exit is fraught with both challenges and triumphs. Recently, I had the privilege of sharing my own experiences on this journey at a Tech Tribe meetup, an event that gathered a passionate group of MSP professionals in East Anglia. Held at Halo’s modern offices in Stowmarket, this gathering was an opportunity to delve into the nuances of scaling an MSP with an eye toward a successful exit.

About the event
The Tech Tribe meetup in East Anglia, hosted at Halo’s offices, provided a warm and collaborative environment for local MSPs to converge, learn, and share. Addressing a focused group of 15 MSP owners and professionals, the event fostered an atmosphere of communal growth and shared ambition, a testament to the strength and unity of the MSP community in the region.

My presentation

The core of my presentation revolved around the crucial strategies and lessons learned from scaling an MSP business to the point of a successful exit. Drawing on my personal experiences, I aimed to illuminate the path for others in our industry, focusing on several pivotal areas:

  1. Starting with the End in Mind: Emphasizing the importance of clear, strategic planning from the outset and the necessity of setting definitive goals for your exit.

  2. Clarifying Personal and Business Objectives: Discussing how aligning your personal aspirations with your business goals can create a more fulfilling and successful entrepreneurial journey.

  3. Understanding Your Ideal Customer: Highlighting the significance of knowing who you serve, which not only refines your service offerings but also enhances your value proposition to potential buyers.

  4. Reverse Engineering Your Business Plan: Detailing the approach of working backward from your desired exit outcome to establish the operational and financial milestones necessary to get there.

  5. Building a Business that Doesn’t Rely on You: Advocating for the development of systems and teams that ensure your business can thrive and grow independently of any single individual.

  6. Engaging Multiple Potential Buyers: Stressing the importance of cultivating interest from several prospective buyers to ensure a competitive selling process and optimal exit terms.

MSP Valuations Presented by Joe Burns

Engagement and Interaction

The interaction during the presentation was a testament to the collective eagerness to grow and adapt within the MSP community. Attendees’ focused attention and thoughtful engagement highlighted their commitment to not just listening but actively applying shared insights to their own business contexts. Such exchanges at these meetups are not merely about absorbing information; they are about empowering each participant with practical knowledge and strategies. This enriches our community, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and mutual support that benefits all members.

Reflections and Takeaways

The event was not just an opportunity to impart knowledge but also a moment to connect and share with peers, reinforcing the community aspect that is so vital in our industry. The interactions highlighted the shared journey we are all on, each with our unique challenges and milestones.

How to get involved in your region

The Tech Tribe has facilitated local meetups throughout the UK. You will likely find a gathering local to you.

I personally run the East Midlands regional gatherings but you can find a full list of events and locations using the Eventbrite link below:

Tech Tribe Local Gatherings

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